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The Tursib hotel is a place that allows you organically combine leisure and work. We provide all facilities necessary to conduct business events of various formats - conferences, seminars, meetings, trainings.
Corporate vacation
База отдыха «Турсиб» - место, позволяющее органично сочетать досуг и работу. Для деловых людей здесь есть возможность проведения бизнес-мероприятий различного формата - конференций, семинаров, совещаний, тренингов.

Many corporations and businesses know that corporate trips and holidays are necessary to be successful. The Tursib hotel is proud to serve your travel arrangements from transfers to accommodation, excursions and other types of entertainment by making your corporate travel simple and affordable.

Conference hall
There is a spacious and modern conference room in a separate building away from the tourists perfect for your business meetings.

The Tursib conference room ( 300 m2) is designed for meetings and conferences up to 150 participants

Amenities: air conditioning and ventilation, video conferencing, a projector, a screen, photocopying equipment, a flip chart, microphones for all participants, hosting workplace. There are staff and technical rooms, an operator’s room, a buffet, a wardrobe, WC and even a covered terrace for coffee breaks in the summer. Coffee breaks in the conference room are arranged.

На базе отдыха «Турсиб» к приезду трудового коллектива отнесутся крайне серьезно. Для Вас будут тщательно спланированы и подготовлены все мероприятия: конференции, экскурсии, проживание и другие виды развлечения. Организаторы гарантируют учесть даже самые необычные пожелания ваших коллег.

В случае, если авто услуга приобретается на пробег менее 50 км. An hourly rate is charged.

HIGER 46 seats. Price 1 hour / 3500 rub. Price 1 km / 90 rubles.

VW Crafter 20 seats. Price 1 hour / 2500 rubles. Price 1 km / 50 rubles.

VW Crafter 12 seats. Price 1 hour / 2200 rub. Price 1 km / 50 rubles.

PAZ 29 seats. Price 1 hour / 2200 rub. Price 1 km / 50 rubles.

Toyota Camry 4 seats. Price 1 hour / 2000 rub. Price 1 km / 35 rubles.

Кia Spectra 4 places. Price 1 hour / 1500 rubles. Price 1 km / 30 rubles.

UAZ-22069 8 seats. Price 1 hour / 1500 rub. Price 1 km / 30 rubles.

GAZ-SAZ 335071 Price 1 hour / 1500 rubles. Price 1 km / 30 rubles.

GAZ-53 KO-503 Price 1 hour / 1500 rubles. Price 1 km / 50 rubles.