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  • Aquapark
The Tursib indoor water park is a great place with fun activities for everyone. Adults will certainly appreciate the sauna with a contrast bath, hammam, fresh bar and gym, while youngsters will be delighted with the huge pool, water attractions and slides.
A perfect place for your family holiday!
Our sports and fitness center features a swimming pool with water attractions, a sauna with a contrast bath, hamam,  gym, fresh bar and a center of aesthetic cosmetology.
Фреш бар
Всегда свежие соки, фреши, коктейли
Тренажерный зал
Самые необходимые современные тренажёры
Чистая вода
Многоступенчатая система очистки современным немецким оборудованием
Квалифицированные спасатели-инструкторы
Сауна, хаммам, джакузи Контрастные ванны
Детская зона
Бассейн для детей с горкой 0,6 м
Водные горки
3 горки для взрослых, высота 2,8 м. длина спиралевидной двухъярусной горки – 25 м.
Общая площадь 1027,4 кв.м. Бассейн переменной глубины 1,25-1,8 м
Aquapark is divided into 3 zones
Water park area

The Tursib indoor waterpark is a great place with fun activities for everyone:

  • Swimming pool (1027.4 m2)
  • Variable depth swimming pool (1.25 - 1.8 m)
  • Swimming pool for children with a slide (0.6 m)
  • 3 slides for adults (the height of the slides is 2.8 m, the length of the spiral bunk slide is 25 m)
  • Hot tubs
  • Massage waterfalls.
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slide4.6 slide4.7 fresh3 fresh4
Fresh bar

What can be healthier and tastier than fresh made drinks? The bar offers cocktails, smoothies, fresh juices, coffee, tea and light snacks.


The gym located on the territory of the water park is designed for those who cannot imagine themselves without fitness even on vacation. A wide selection of modern weight training and cardiovascular equipment, as well as other sports equipment fits everyone.

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You can get aquapark
passes at the reception.

One pass includes using:

  • pool,
  • water slides (allowed from the age of eight),
  • saunas,
  • hamama,
  • jacuzzi.

You can take a walk or use the rental as well. In winter we offer you cross- country and alpine skis, snow tubing, figure skates, hockey skates, clubs, trekking poles, sledges, ice sledges; you can rent a hockey box, ice rink, gazebos, ail, semi-ail, barbecue.

In summer you can rent a paintball park, tennis court, volleyball and basketball courts, soccer field, gazebos, ail, semi-ail, barbecue facilities; bicycles for adults and children, roller skates, hover boards, badminton, skateboard, trekking poles, step, deck chairs, folding chair, bumperball, karemat, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks.

Admission and opening hours

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 20:00

Closed: Monday

  • Discount is not valid for group and school tours.
  • Discounts are not summarized.
  • Half-time pass is paid in accordance with the current price list.
  • Free for children under 5 years of age only when accompanied by adults.
  • Children under 14 years of age are allowed only accompanied by adults.
  • Additional aquapark services are paid in accordance with the current price list.

NO phone reservations.

Minimum visit time - 1 hour - is paid at the entrance to the water park.

Extra visit time is paid at the exit from the water park.

Massage services are available only to persons over 18 years of age.

Passes are valid on weekdays, excluding weekends and holidays;

The pass cannot be used by other persons;

Discounts do not apply to the cost of the pass.

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